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Rise Against tour 2012

(English modus on. Just for this once…) We’re getting ready to go on tour with Rise Against again.

Rise Against tour – Day 7: Cologne, Germany

The drive from Mainz to Cologne is one of the shorter ones. It was quite a relief after those seven hours distances. So Etjen and I had some time to sleep, have an easy breakfast and hit it off to one of the nicest cities of Germany.

Rise Against tour – Day 6: Mainz, Germany

First show of the tour in Germany. From here on, all the shows are sold out. All the show are gigantic. A whole production team and catering company is now travelling with us. We’re on the road with two nightliners, two trucks and three vans. The complete travelling party counts approximately 40 people.

Rise Against tour – Day 5: Copenhagen, Denmark

Stina stayed in Stockholm and Andy took off with his friends to Uppsala. The drive back to Copenhagen came down to Etjen and I.

Rise Against tour – Day 4: Annexet, Stockholm, SE

We had two off days to travel from London to Stockholm. I was glad we could take a hitchhiker with us from Belgium all the way to Copenhagen, so the drive made a tiny bit more sense.

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Er zijn tal van boeken te vinden over interessante onderwerpen om deze samenleving met de grond gelijk te maken… zo snel mogelijk. En tegelijkertijd een eerlijke samenleving op te bouwen. Voor wat hoort wat, niet?

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